God of War:- Ghost Of Sparta

God of War:- Ghost Of Sparta

This game is only available on two platforms
2 ps3

It this game the god of war main character (kratos) reveal his own past and explore that then his will know his brother is alive then they both fight with last villain (thanotos) 

In the battle kratos's brother will die and lost of drama and this and that 

But game is in top list of PSP game and we are able to play on mobile

But if you play god of war ghost of starta on mobile with PPSSPP apk then you need its settings because without setting game will play chobby and laggy 

To download game

 you have to follow steps

Step 1

Download zarchiver apk

Step 2 


God of War ghost of Sparta game file
size of game (1.54 GB)

Just look at down (photo)  
On this setting game will play with smooth and clarify of sound as well

So guys this settings are working best for me of you have any questions or problem comment on comment box

If you have some problems like jump problem in game then watch this whole game play


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