The best screen recorder for gameplay and walkthroughs

One of the major fact is if you want to record gameplay and walkthroughs in android phone it's so important to recorded videos are not have any lagging and rendering and still performance of game is excellent

So on my experience I know three best recorders

So be honestly


Du screen recorder

The du screen recorder is one one of the my favorites, because of its decoder is exporte video's in less in size without affecting any lagging in video quality and it's record in 2k quality high definition videos. It's have it's own watermark enable and disable options (it's totally dependent on your wish

In du screen recorder they give the video editor means you can record and edit from one platefom.

No. 2 

Mobizen screen recorder

This recorder is most likely to the du screen recorder but unexpectedly so heavy device some time get over load


No. 3 

Own system screen recorder

Attention here if you have a system Screen Recorder then you don't want to download any other platform Screen Recorder because it's made for your own system they are developers made for particular device then no how this device what this device have so just update your system and use your system Screen Recorder is the best on the number 3

Hope this article is useful for you if you have any questions and out about this just comment down


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