Apowermirror- how to connect phone screen to PC with USB or wifi- mirror screen

Apowermirror- how to connect phone screen to PC with USB or WiFi- mirror screen to PC for pubg Mobile

Apowermirror is app which give the service of mirroring of your phone screen to PC

It means what ever you do on phone it will show on PC as well

So why you need such app in your device ?

  There are so many reason for it 

        You can stream Android or iOS  games using PC 
        You can play fpp tpp game using keyboard and mouse like pubg mobile, free fire, last survive etc. 
     You can record hardcore performance apk and game without affecting your Android or iOS device 

So how you access the Apowermirror ?

Simple, you just need two files one is Apowermirror apk for your device and second is Apowermirror exe for your PC

Where you find two files ?

Just click download button below

Apowermirror apk download

Apowermirror exe file for PC 

(mega link)

Now how you access Apowermirror ?

Follow steps 

Step 1 
 Install Apowermirror in Android and your PC 

Step 2 
 enable developer option

Step 3 
 enable USB debugging, install via USB and USB debugging (security setting) 

Step 4
 Connect phone to PC with USB cable

 Step 5
 Just give permission to access Apowermirror apk mirroring your device to PC scree

Simple isn't it 

If you still finding any problem then see this video

How to enable developer option in Android

How to use Apowermirror


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