OBS (open broadcast software)- how to use obs|obs for low end PC|free download obs

OBS (open broadcast software)- how to use obs|obs for low end PC|free download obs|what is OBS



  • Beginner uses guide
  • Recording

  • Streaming

  • Encoder settings for beginner

  • How to download OSB

  • Guide video

  • How to stream mobile games using PC (videos guide)

  OBS (open broadcast software) it can help you in recording and streaming on so many platforms. It can use GPU power yo stream or record whatever you wish to like  tutorials, gaming, reactions videos with high stability.

   This software can access through 3 is platform Windows, Mac, Linux. 

Describes OBS-

OBS (open broadcast software) is free to use for streaming and recording video games, tutorials. Here some basic guide for beginners

 For the first users of obs always find problems in encoder settings so here some tips for them


Go to setting and recording option and set bitrate settings according to your video quality which can change in settings

 If you newly using it, its fine to set all on auto
Don't change anything

Recording does not required much settings but streaming does


OK let's understand if you in to stream on YouTube or other platforms then

-first go to your account (YouTube creator) -and get stream key from live option -  copy key and paste it in OBS- settings - stream-/ stream key

Note- it is not advance and deep uses of OBS. This post is just give you idea of how to use obs for beginner
   This tip is referred from YouTube encoder settings 

Obs bitrates

  For 1080p60-1080p resolution recording or streaming 

 Bitrate 12000kbps-8000kbps

 For 720p60-720p resolution recording or streaming
 Bitrate 8000kbps-5000

  For 480p resolution recording or streaming

 Bitrate 3000kbps 

 For 360p resolution recording or streaming
 Bitrate 1000kbps 

                  This bitrate setting is must.

  You can present your video creatively by creating scenes while they recording or streaming

download OSB


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