PUBG Mobile - Side Effects ON Brain | In real life

PUBG or PlayerUnknownBatttleGround side effects om real life and on body

pubg mobile is great team build social game and 2018 Google play award nominee. For the first time in mobile gaming history the high peak in graph occur in 2018. 
Lots of streamers have good revenue because of pubg mobile
and rate of streamers are usually increases daily on YouTube and twitch platform. 
                 NOW new career option like eSports professional player, streaming, entertaining via playing games are open new window to earn life.
                BUT there are some misunderstanding and conflicts whether what is bring you success while playing games or ruin your life.

POSITIVE Effects of pubg mobile

The Research show that people who play games like pubg and fpp mode in appropriate time have batter perception, cognition, vivid sense of memory, quick decision taking and developed reflexes than who dont play games at all.

IN PUBG when you try to find enemy in such detail your recognition skills are constantly developing.

When you kill someone in PUBG Mobile suddenly its feels like achievement, on that level it push your confidence little bit more. 

It Is a open-world game and randomly player or you and your friends can play this game together
hence in result your sense of communication and ability to work together (team work ) is enhance.

your perception of seen thing and take decision flexes is improved by playing regularly with limited time.
( Listen to your body if it feel tired or fatigue stop play game because it's no longer service in positive way)

NEGATIVE Effects of pubg mobile

The major EGATIVE Effects of pubg mobile is centric Ego attitude and not talking anyone properly, low confidence, fatigue body, stress, restless mind, compulsive actions.

When you killed by some one suddenly stress is come in small quantity then as you killed by some one repetitively the small quantity collect as ocean of stress and hence it can affect your relationship with all people around you.

Have you notice that ( if you already playing pubg mobile )  this game lag so much in mediocre phones. Consequently you know you can play better but because of weakness in essence of better play means good phone is missing you start crazy about any thing.

People around us always need us but because of pubg mobile we don't left time for family or friends or study. This can be reason for you failure and you will may regret it for your entire life.

Because only one classical match in pubg mobile take 30 min. It's just killing your time
 And your career or future decide on what are you doing in present moment.

So use your time preciously.

In summary

You can play pubg mobile but with limitations.
If you want to be Pro gamer then 3 hour of day is enough.
Find the players that they are playing well Make team up with them.
Practice with them and and this is how you can be successful in gaming career you need a good PC or good for otherwise there is no possibility you will be a good Pro player because if your device is good enough to give you good game play then it's only come to your skill and improve your skills because that what matters more.

If you want to be a good streamer then you have to choose whether you want to entertain your audience or you want to show them your skill like carry is showing his entertaining skills and dynamo and mortal showing his game skill.

understand your body and listen to your body if you feel better or uncomfortable then don't play it's more because it's not support you to be a good player you know this that whenever you feel that is your game skill scale is dropdown.


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