Call of duty - mobile - for android and iOS - official announcement

Call of duty - mobile

In recent year Mobile set pitch high graph because of pubg mobile.
It competition so many games also launched on Android and iOS device but no one beat pubG mobile.

But now with tencent and Unity they made Call of Duty mobile and it is is available soon on Google play store and for ios device.

registration for the early access of Call of Duty is open now if you are interested in to get earliest access of Call of Duty then go to the Play Store and register for free.

About the game

The game is combination of of black outs and Modern Warfare there make game look like realistic and highest frame rate is a 60 frame rate per second.

So how it can beat pubg mobile. So if we look the statistics of pub G mobile peek we see there when they are announce the  esports of pub G Mobile then so many players are show the interest in Mobile gaming as a career option.

So as we know CS-GO is popular esports and CS-GO is developed by same company

In future there is a chance they arrange a esports tournament of Call of Duty mobile.
As players shows interest in pubg mobile they are also shown the interest in call of duty mobile

It's fpp mode game and filled with so much adrenaline rush and knows how it will faumos.

In game they provide good quality control setups, maps, and good graphics.


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