Google Stadia streaming platform - PS3 PS4 PC game 8k resolution - on Android - on TV - on iOS

Google Stadia streaming platform - PS3 PS4 PC game 8k resolution - on Android - on TV - on iOS

All we know that Google is crazy launching new things which made with think it's impossible.
   Now Google Launcher Google Stadium streaming platform first let we know about what is Google stadia streaming platform.

About Google Stadia streaming platform

It is a cloud-based gaming and streaming program we can play games in 4K resolution with good internet connection on almost all devices.

You do not need a good PC hardware or mobile hardware you just need good internet connection you can play 4K resolution games on TV with Chromecast and good internet connection.

if you are playing on YouTube, if you are a streamer or you want to be become a streamer but you don't have you yet a good hardware at any think like a good PC good phone if you don't have, then you just need good internet connection to stream games with your potato PC or mobile.

So right now you are asking for how its work,

See from server to cloud to cloud to direct your device in your browser. If you are playing on PC then you control game with keyboard and and mouse if wish.

Google stadia remote

Otherwise Google launch a new gaming stadia  remote.
on this remote are there is a recording button by pressing that recording button you can stream your game play on YouTube and you can record it.
There is another button for Google assistant if you are stuck in any level just ask for Google to help in that level.

Accessibility of Google stadia

Right now it is available in some countries four countries actually.

1. US

2. Canada

3. UK

4. Europe

At least you need to wait for 8 to 9 the months for this system.

About future of Google stadia

First we need to look at the YouTube if you are Indian right now in today's time you can see the  Gamers are growing so rapidly. In spite of that I have to say this thing it will get its peak in market because it's like a dream for Gamers I am I can understand, I am so much badly waiting for Google stadia

Google are announced, in future we can able to play games while streaming in 8k resolution it's not a joke it's fun as hell.

Can you imagine that you have a Potato PC or a Potato mobile on it you are playing in 8k resolution games it just like dream.

Dreams coming I hope you like the information that I give you and more information about the new tech's just like this just stay tune with me.


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